Everyone needs a coach. Think of the greatest basketball player in history, Michael Jordan. Without his coach, Phil Jackson, while he was a great player, Michael Jordan would have never attained the level of success and become a basketball legend without his coach’s help.

It has nothing to do with talent, as much as the will to improve whatever game, or skill, you work on. You don’t need to be a pro, you just have to want to be better.

Coaching (Team & Individual)

  • If teams and athletes didn’t need coaches, then they would just show up on the field or area of competition and feebly attempt to compete. Coaches provide skill training, direction, leadership and strategy. Without this it would be nearly impossible for someone to hit the top of their game or profession.

Teamwork & Leadership Training

  • Lead by industry expert and executive partner Richard (Rick) M. Popovic, this leadership training has transformed such organizations as NYU Stern School of Business, Royal Dutch Shell, Rochester General Hospital, and many other organizations.

    According to Rick, “The key to the training is to help leaders understand that they don't have to be experts in all the many functional areas to be a leader, but they need to know enough to ask the right questions. If you can ask better questions of any function, it maximizes your ability to lead any organization." Below is an overview of a training session.

    1. What is leadership, how it works and how to implement it.
    2. How to set up a team
    3. What is true team building
    4. The Five Minute MBA
    5. Communications
    6. Negotiation
    7. Assessments
    8. Development Guides
    9. Individual Coaching
    10. Financial Documents
    11. Operational Effectiveness

Communication Training

  • Think of how many ways there are to communicate today – it has become staggering the number of channels that we transmit information. If you think about all those channel, and then add the fact that people don’t always share the most accurate information, or, transform that information within the transmission.

    1. Now, what if people were trained differently, or had different levels experience, education, industry knowledge – and couple that with personal life situations or cultures, and you have a real need to make sure you are all communicating effectively enough to get the work done.
    2. Think of walking into a room where each person speaks a different language: French, Russian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Spanish, English, Chinese, etc. That is what it is like when you put together a group of people, any people, because we all come from different backgrounds.
    3. In order to make sure you all speak the same language, your language, you need to make sure everyone is trained properly.


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