Do you know the areas that are killing your business? You might know something is off, but not aware of what it might be? That is why understanding strategy and operational effectiveness is so important.


These items are important to build the right foundation of your company, as well as set the direction and key levers to help it operate effectively. Without knowing exactly what you want to do, how you’re going to do it, if you can do it well and how to incent your employees to attain the needed targets, is like trying to go somewhere you’ve never been without out map.

Business Plans, Financial Pro Formas & Investor Decks

  • Business plans are quite possibly the most important document of the company. It is your essential road map to success. You are 36% more likely to attain your goals just by writing them down!
  • Financial Pro Formas are a guide to understanding all the revenues and costs related to your business, and projecting your financial success. All businesses need to have this document to clearly see how to best attain financial success.
  • If you’re trying to attract investors, it is imperative to have the aggregate of your business plan and financials in a well-crafted, easily articulated pitch deck; AND, be able to speak to it.

Corporate & Business Strategy

  • Corporate Strategy helps you understand ‘which way is the ship going’, essentially, what is the vision and plan for the company as a whole. Business Strategy are elements for how the business operates and directives for organizations.

Crisis Management

  • If the global pandemic taught us anything, it is how vulnerable we are due to a crisis. Are you ready to face the challenges that come with a crisis? Are you flexible enough to pivot your offerings to keep your business going? We have insight into how to help, as well as specific knowledge for the print industry. Click here for an overview on how we can help.

Operational Effectiveness

  • Every company has operations that affect how you do business. Understanding the processes and efficiencies can help determine how to decrease costs, increase efficiency and ultimately increase profit.

Organizational Architecture

  • This is probably the most unknown and misunderstood term that is absolutely essential to running your business. This isn’t about how the organization is ‘stacked’, it’s about three key items for each employee. Compensation plans Performance Evaluations Employee Decision Rights

    1. Compensation plans
    2. Performance Evaluations
    3. Employee Decision Rights
  • Each of these items represents a ‘leg of a stool’. If one of them is off, the stool falls over. If these items are done properly, the goals of the company can be attained and it can flourish.


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