How much money are you losing every single day? Learn techniques that help increase patient acceptance and therefore revenue on some cases by 5000%!

Training your hygiene team in best practices of communication and education lead to an incredible increase in patient acceptance for additional products and services that they require. In this way, it also provides the best clinical care for your patients, and not only will your revenue increase, but so will your brand value and reputation.

The hygienist is the front line to your entire practice. If you teach them the right way to communicate to your paitents, they will be able to provide incredible care that correlates to additional services your patients need (not sold to). The difference in our approach is simple. Patient education leads to patient acceptance.

Heidi Polidori, CDA RDH leads our patient education approach based upon her 25 years of successful clinical experience. Heidi has been a dental assistant, a periodontal surgical assistant, an implant assistant and a periodontal and general dentistry hygienist over her career.

Her approach helps patients understand their situation and leads them down a path to make the best choice for themselves and their situations. In nearly all cases, it leads to additional revenue for the practice since patients have an overwhelming desire to stay healthy when they know all their options.

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