Helping college students write a resume that shows value so they can get a job.

In the US, over 3.8 million people graduated from college in 2020 according to educationdata.org. Many college students graduate with book knowledge, but they don’t know how to translate that technical knowledge and an understanding of their classes. A few of them graduate with an internship and even fewer still graduate with a clear technical skill. But there is a big problem: How do take any of those skills or experiences and translate them into a resume that differentiates you?

You need this one skill to get the job over everyone else! It’s writing and speaking your VALUE!

  • Do you know how to show VALUE in your resume?
  • Do you know how to explain your VALUE so you can compete against other applicants?
  • Do you know how to communicate effectively so people see more VALUE in you?

Showing employers your VALUE in quantifiable ways, as well as being able to speak about your value is a critical factor in getting a job.

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