Venia has four distinct partnership programs to bring value to our clients:

Recommended Partners

Recommended Partners

These Partners embody the very best of what they do, and we highly recommend them as best practice companies to work with based on our mutual relationship.

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Business Delivery Partners

Business Delivery Partners

Business Delivery Partners focus on providing value to a client through either joint product development and service delivery or the utilization of reciprocal products in services to provide value to our individual clients.

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Channel Partners

Channel Partners


As a Channel Partner, you can choose to be a resale partner, or a referral partner.

Resale Partners lead the engagement or even the entire sale, and can request help from Venia at any stage to help with client development.

Referral Partners provide just that, a referral or a connection to a potential client, and Venia can and will work with the potential client from that point going forward. There is no additional need for the Referring Partner to be involved in the process if they do not wish to.

Regardless of the choice, each partner type will receive commission immediately upon the client’s payment of services. If they purchase a continual service, they will receive continual commission payments.

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Sponsorship Partners

Sponsorship Partners

Sponsor a Live Stream Event, Webinar or In-Person Event!

When Venia delivers a live stream webinar or an in person training, we display our sponsors front and center, either physically or digitally, to represent the extended members who support our mission. These sponsors fit our values and focus, and we are proud to be doing business with them. Therefore, we want our clients and potential clients to know that these sponsors are also companies they should consider doing business with.

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Our Sponsorship Packages are as

Features'67 Corvette'65 Shelby Cobra'66 Pontiac GTO'61 Chevy 409
Data & Analytics   
Co-Branded Presentation   
Registration Page Branding   
Logo & Mention @ Inception/End  
Marketing Collateral Distributed  
Keynote Speaker Position*   
Speaker Position*   
Invitation to Guest Speaker Event*   
Post Event Survey  
Bonus Session  
Swag Bag w/Home Delivery! 
Sponsored Q&A 
Name, Logo, Website, Social Media Links
Social Media Promoting

*May not be available on all events.


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